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Let's talk numbers and savings


Nursing recruitment is a numbers game. Numbers talk, and IANS has listened and created solutions. This article takes 5 minutes to read, and we guarantee that this 5 minutes will change your business. 

NUMBERSIn our previous article, we mentioned that care providers can pay up to £50/hr for an agency nurse (that's £22/hr per nurse, but an additional £28/hr for agency fee). That's a total of £100,000 a year just to cover a nurse for 40 hrs per week. Say that you've decided to take a leap and hire an overseas nurse. Good idea, right? Well, your average recruitment agency can take up to 6-12 months to turn an overseas candidate into a UK RGN, that's their average deployment time given that they outsource IELTS&CBT Training and Immigration support. Again, you're wasting £50,000-£100,000 in your long wait for your nurse to arrive. Not only that, who knows how long they'll take to pass OSCE?

Numbers talk, but we listened and found a solution.

Let us tell you the story of Emmanuel Sarkodie, a nurse from Ghana. He attended our nursing seminar in Ghana on 13 June 2019. On 14 June 2019, we arranged an interview for him in Country Court Care and 6 weeks later on 28 July 2019, he arrived in the UK. He started OSCE Training and induction the next day, and 3 weeks later, he took his OSCE. He became a UK RGN on 28 August 2019. 10 weeks after his initial interview, he passed OSCE. 

If you take an overseas nurse like Emmanuel from our network, you'd only have a 10 week wait before you'd start saving thousands in agency costs. 10 weeks with IANS, 6-12 months with another agency. You'll spend £20,000 on an agency nurse for the 10 week wait with IANS, but what's that compared to £50,000 - £100,000 spent on waiting for your overseas nurse from another agency? So why would you choose another agency? Sark

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