Giselle Anne Tuazon

Senior Carer, UAE

“How did a high school graduate with no healthcare background get a UK sponsorship as a senior carer? My name is Giselle, and this is how I made it happen.  

I’ve been working as a florist in Dubai for almost 10 years, and as unflowery as it may sound, my work-life-balance had been a downhill ride. I’ve been enslaved by my job, having to work 12 hours a day with just 1 rest day per week. But if you were to ask me, overworking myself isn’t my biggest sacrifice. It’s being away from my 15-year-old daughter and not being a mother to her. The times when my daughter says, “I miss your hug, mama,” is the worst times.  

But now, my black-and-white life turned as colourful as the flowers I arrange, thanks to a recommendation from my relatives, who are now in the UK because of IANS.  

IANS gave me a direct pathway to the UK, and because of them, I will finally be reunited with my daughter, and we are migrating to the UK as a family. I can be a mom again!  

What I won’t forget about IANS is our Saturday sessions. IANS created a space where our cohort can interact and help each other. They pushed and coached us in every interview, and they provided character-building training sessions that allowed me to get a sponsorship and a UK visa! Now, I don't have to work tirelessly because my salary in the UK is 3x what I get here as a florist! They say that coming to the UK is impossible, but IANS made it possible!” 


Giselle Anne Tuazon Dubai, United Arab Emirates



I am a high school graduate with no healthcare background. It's impossible to come to UK.


I learned about IANS through my relatives who are already in the UK because of them.


IANS directed me on all the steps I need to take to become a senior carer in the UK.


Only after a few months, I got my UK visa and I am migrating to the UK with my family.


    04/03/2023: UK Visa granted

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