Gyau Innocentia

Senior Carer, Ghana 


I was a simple nurse at a hospital from Ghana. Like anyone a world away, I was dreaming of a life I could not grasp. I tried IELTS but to no avail. I wanted to do nursing, but I did not get the opportunity nor the required score. Doors kept closing more often than they opened. I heard about IANS online and decided to give it one last try. It was now or never. I dived headfirst and have not had an ounce of regret.  

When I heard IANS speak at the webinar, I trusted them and decided to join straight away. I am so happy I did. Even though I had contacted IANS earlier, I was a bit reluctant at first like any naïve person out there looking for opportunities, but that changed with the process IANS laid out in front of me, and therein was the beauty. It’s all so clearly laid out and I was won. I eventually signed on for the journey of my life. I joined the momentum club soon after and here I am, taking in the cool crisp air of the UK. Never in my wildest dreams could this have been possible.  

What really changed my mind about IANS was a friend who was already in the UK, a nurse who recommended  IANS. He said he heard about IANS and the many stories of people who were bought here to work and that assured me I was among professionals. IANS was worth every penny spent! It was worth the wait. I got everything that I needed from them.  

I was eased into the Senior Carer role, learning new and exciting things even though I came from a background in nursing. My employers are simply amazing. They showed me around the place I would be working and my accommodation. If it was not for IANS I would have still been stuck with my IELTS or given up on my dreams.”

Gyau Innocentia Ghana



I was trying to get in as a nurse, but I was not able to get the required IELTS score, and I had almost given up

INTRODUCTION It was on good authority that I came to know about IANS, a friend whom I have known well, and he was spot on.

I tried so many different avenues and I was so close to giving up, but IANS kept nudging me in the right direction.

RESULT I am here because of the tremendous effort put into my application process by a wonderful team at IANS.


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  • Gyau's UK Visa

  • Life in the UK

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