• What jobs are eligible for a skilled worker visa to the United Kingdom. 
  • Who are the employers that are approved to offer you skilled worker visa sponsorship to come and work in the UK. 
  • How much salary you must be paid under the correct occupation code and for the type of work you will be doing. 
  • If you can be paid a salary less than the minimum salary level requirement.  
  • The new registration rules and processes for overseas workers applying for qualified, skilled roles in the UK. 
  • How to become eligible if you currently do not meet all the requirements of the skilled worker visa.
  • A clear roadmap to getting skilled worker visa sponsorship within 3-6 months. 
  • A special guide to connecting with Home Office-approved employers who are recruiting and sponsoring overseas workers. 
  • A complete checklist of the documents you need to support your visa application. 
  • 20 common mistakes you should avoid when taking the steps to work in the UK and clarity to the top 10 sponsorship myths you probably have been told by your recruitment agents, families or friends. 


  • If your job is on this eligible occupation list and you want to come and work in the UK within 3-6 months.  
  • If you are looking for a complete support from training to legal advice and step-by-step guidance to meet all the requirements and get connected with sponsors in the UK. 
  • If you have been to the UK before on a student visa or other visa category and wish to return under the skilled worker visa and start a career in the UK. 
  • If you have been applying for sponsorships without success and you are looking for a proven solution to your challenges without having to go to more than one provider to get all the help you need. 
  • If your parents are in the UK and you were unable to join them on dependent visas and wanted to be reunited with them. 
  • If it is your dream to relocate to the UK with your spouse and children at the same time. 


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How can I register for the webinar? Booking our webinar is quick and easy! By visiting our landing pages and filling in a simple form, you can complete your registration within 60 seconds. This is the IANS Advantage and guarantee.  
What is a Skilled Worker visa? The Skilled Worker Visa, which replaced Tier 2 Work Visa, allows overseas applicants to work in the UK under a Home-Approved employer. The job should fall under the eligible skilled occupation list released by the UK government. Learn more about the Skilled Worker visa by attending our webinar.
Can I bring my spouse or children as my dependants? Yes, you can bring dependents with you. To learn more about coming to the UK as a family, register for our webinar.
Who qualifies for a dependant visa?
  • Your spouse or civil partner 
  • Your child who is aged 18 below – if your child is born while you’re in the UK, he/she qualifies as your dependant 
What are the requirements for a dependant visa?
  • For your wife/husband: a marriage certificate 
  • For your civil partner: a civil partnership certificate 
  • For your child: a birth certificate 
  • For children aged 16 or 17 upon application, you need to provide proof that they are not living independently. This includes:  
  • Their present address (if they are not living with you, explain why) 
  •  If they do not live with you, provide proof that you are giving them financial support 
  • Tuberculosis test (if applicable) 
  • Police clearance (if applicable)  
What are the fees associated with applying for a dependant visa?
  • For your wife/husband/civil partner: £650  
  • For children above 11 years old: £650 
  • For children below 11 years old: £325  
How much do skilled workers in the UK usually earn? The annual salary of skilled workers is job specific. Under the Skilled Worker visa, the minimum annual salary requirement is £25,600/year. The UK government also set a minimum salary requirement per occupation type.   
I am a member of the European Union. Does this webinar still apply to me? Yes. Following Brexit, members of the European Union still need to secure a Skilled Worker visa, which means that you need to follow the same process as overseas workers. To know how you can work in the UK, register for our webinar.
Does IANS accept overseas applicants? Yes. We welcome every applicant with open arms.
Which IELTS module is needed for UK visa processing? Academic or General Training? When applying to the UK, you are required to sit for the IELTS for UKVI, which is approved by the UK Home Office for school or work migration purposes. The module type for senior carers and skilled workers is General Training.
What are the band score requirements for IELTS for those applying to the UK? For a skilled worker visa, the minimum overall IELTS band score requirement is 4.0.  
Why am I required to pay for the webinar? Our webinar is structured to provide valuable insights on UK immigration laws and processes that you cannot get anywhere else. Our goal is to create a supportive environment for everyone who’d like to begin their journey to the UK, and this all starts with our paid webinar. Aside from training and visa guidance, attending our webinar makes you eligible to IANS Advantage.
Does IANS have an office in Manila and India? Yes. We have offices around the globe, including India, Manila, and Dubai. 
Who is this webinar for? IANS runs three types of webinars:  
  • RN - for registered nurses (ideal for those who already passed their IELTS and CBT and are currently practicing their profession) 
  • SC - for aspiring senior carers (ideal not only for registered nurses) 
  • SW - for all types of skilled workers under the UK's occupational shortage list 
Is there any age limit on applicants? You must be 18 and above. There is no upper limit, but we take the call based on your qualification.
Can IANS help me find a sponsor? Yes. IANS specializes in connecting you to a wide network of sponsors in the UK.
Am I required to attend the webinar before approaching my documents/requirements? You can approach our team for all kinds of international recruitment, immigration, training, and visa-related services. However, it’s critical that you attend our webinar so you can learn more about the correct documents you need to prepare for your immigration options in the UK.  
What is IANS? IANS (Immigration and Nationality Services) is a UK-based company that started providing expert immigration advisory services for skilled workers seeking to enter or remain in the United Kingdom. 
Is IANS a legitimate company? Since 2010, IANS has been helping applicants achieve their dreams in the UK. In the first half of 2021 alone, hundreds of people have trusted us, and tens have come to the UK or are in final stages of their journey to the UK. You can join our webinar to meet the people who have already utilised IANS Advantage. For further information, you can click this link to check on our company profile: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/07221708 
Do I need a certificate to be qualified? IANS can help you get the certifications you need to qualify for a UK work visa.
Are there other payment modes aside from credit cards? Absolutely! We have a systematized online facility that receives online payment using your debit or credit card, regardless of your country of residence. You just have to make sure that your bank allows international online transactions and that your purchase limit meets the amount you need to pay on a monthly basis. If these payment channels don’t work for you, you can make a direct bank deposit by contacting our support team for our bank details. 
What is a COS? A COS, also called a Certificate of Sponsorship, is a UK work visa application requirement. It is released by Home-Office approved UK employers, otherwise known as “UK sponsors”. 
Will I get a COS after paying for the webinar? Joining our webinar is not equivalent to securing a COS. However, through our webinar, you can get a clear guidance and support on how you can upgrade your qualifications, prepare for your interview, get connected to sponsors, and eventually get a sponsorship in the UK.
How will I know if a COS is authentic? You can check the authenticity of your COS here: https://uktiersponsors.co.uk/. It’s important to check for COS authenticity before lodging your work visa application.  
What should I expect after joining the webinar? After the webinar, you can get a clear roadmap on applying to the UK as a nurse, a senior carer, or a skilled worker. We provide you with real, up-to-date insights on the requirements you need to meet to get a sponsorship and qualify for a work visa application. During our webinar, you can ask questions to our experts. This is a webinar that you won’t find online or in a forum. IANS’s Qualified and Experienced Experts will clear all your doubts and will help you take your first step towards your UK dream. 
How long will the webinar last? Our webinars last for approximately 2 hours. This includes a general presentation on UK immigration laws and processes, along with a Q&A portion for attendees.
On which platform will these webinars take place? Upon registration and completion of our forms, you will receive a link for the webinar. Usually, we use Zoom or Streamyard.
Many people find it hard to spend money on webinars. Is it possible for us to get any discount on the registration fee? We generally don’t give discounts.  
Do I need to meet certain criteria before registering for the webinar? For instance, for the webinar for registered nurses, do I have to present other qualifications other than being a registered nurse? Generally, we don’t have any criteria/qualifications for our attendees. Here at IANS, our goal is to provide all of you the opportunity to work in the UK regardless of your professional/occupational backgrounds. Our account managers are responsible for helping you find the webinar that best matches your qualifications. If you need more assistance, you can message us on WhatsApp.
What ongoing support will be available to me? Am I free to ask questions during the webinar? During our live sessions, our Account Managers are there to provide you unparalleled guidance and support. Our support team is also on standby during the webinar. You can ask questions on the chat box or you can ask our speakers during our live sessions. If some of your questions were left unanswered, you can email our support team.
Will these webinars be recorded for the purpose of re-watching? It will be recorded, but we cannot send the link to attendees due to strict GDPR rules.  
How do I get into a live webinar? After registering, you will receive a link and a set of instructions, which gives you access to our live session. If you encounter any problems, we are here to provide you fast and reliable support via WhatsApp. 
What are the shortlisted jobs in the UK? For UK’s shortage occupation list, kindly view this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/skilled-worker-visa-shortage-occupations/skilled-worker-visa-shortage-occupations 


Honey Ruby N. De Lima Senior Carer | Philippines
They explained everything that I need! You will understand all the requirements and there's no age limit to it...it's really helpful.



Sergia Rica Logrunio Senior Carer | Philippines
I would say that this webinar is a must! I have learned enough information for me to make sure I get all the qualification needed to go to the UK



Rhea Dela Merced Senior Carer | Philippines
This webinar is extremely educating and well explained. Now I have a clear vision on what step I need to do next.



Victor L. Co Senior Carer | Philippines
After this webinar, I would say that the best way to work to UK is the IANS way!



Khakha Chombe Registered nurse | Zimbabwe
I would recommend international healthcare professionals to attend this webinar to expand your opportunities in your life. There are opportunities available for you open for anyone from anywhere!
Maria Kenna Jane Carrillo Registered nurse | Philippines
It's worth the cost of registration fee. It doesn't matter if you have a degree or a background in the medical field. Anyone can work as a senior carer if you start your journey correctly.
Kliffin Ropuesto Registered nurse | Philippines
The webinar reassures us that we do have a future working in the UK. They won't leave us nothing but success.
Lyn Davis Registered nurse | Philippines
This webinar is worth the penny! Your journey will be more realistic after you attend this webinar. There's always opportunity for you...
Hazel Bacani David Registered nurse | Philippines
This webinar is amazing. Every questions will be answered. They will help explain everything and help you get started!
Evelio John Daquila Registered nurse | Philippines
This webinar is genuine and could pave way to a new career path for other aspiring nurses who wants to work in the UK. Highly recommended!
Chukwuekwe Ebere Lynda Registered nurse | Nigeria
All the information is very clear and detailed following by trustworthy steps to follow. All I can say is you should not missed this webinar.
Chamberlain Onyeukwu Registered nurse | Nigeria
I was deeply touched by the dedication of NHS and its staff in the fighting Covid19 situation in the UK. I wanted to be a part of such a course that affects people's lives directly. This webinar provided me every information that I need if I would like to change my career path and how I can achieve this. 
Bhagawan Basnet Registered nurse | Nepal
It is more than effective! IANS team is so knowledgable and answer every questions that you have. 
Obasi Hannah Chinonso Registered nurse | Nigeria
It is important to understand and get the right requirements, so I can get started. This webinar provided me every information and answered all the questions that I've been doubting! 
Ann Chege Registered nurse | Kenya
I would encourage anyone who has the same dream to join this webinar. You will get all the advice and recommendations that you need thus there is hope for better opportunities. 
Anne Genevieve Navales Registered nurse | Philippines
After the webinar, I found that IANS opens a lot of opportunities for everyone who is willing to give their dedication with their missions and visions. I believe that IANS will help me achieve my dreams, you just have to believe and be focus to what your goal is and they will be there for you each step of the way. 
Adedunke Adebimpe Oyerinde Registered nurse | Nigeria
This webinar gave me a lot of information so that I can prepare myself to change from my Tier 4 to Tier 2 soon, before my visa expired in this July! It's a perfect timing for me! 
Kathleen May Toralba Registered nurse | Philippines
This webinar is amazing! I was impressed in cases and learn more that you don't have to be a nurse to work as a senior carer. I learned all the process and I witnessed the progression of the application of my friend in the webinar. 
Lenica Guizzagan Registered nurse | Philippines
I will definitely recommend IANS to anyone who is looking for a fast, reliable, and straightforward agency to deploy nurses, they are giving their candidates all the support needed to succeed. I learned from this webinar that there are many possible ways to com to the UK and work as a senior carer. 
Karen E. De Guzman Registered nurse | Philippines
The webinar is extremely informative. One of the most enjoyable and informative webinar I have ever attended. Thank you for organising and a very special thanks to the great speaker. The speaker was very articulate and knowledgeable. Time well spent!
Cherry Cataquian Registered nurse | Philippines
webinar testimonials (5)

The webinar is an eye-opening for me. I learned a lot from this session.  With proper guidance of IANS I can work in UK even without healthcare experience. I feel I'm stepping closer to my dream now!


Soleil Concepcion Registered nurse | Singapore
webinar testimonials (1)
Please attend and listen to sir Ian as he is knowledgeable of what he do and may help you with you UK dream become a reality. My biggest takeaway is that even with my current role as a nurse assistant now, as long as I have my PRC license I can still apply as RN in the UK.


Ceresensia Petra Makamure Registered nurse | Zimbabwe
webinar testimonials (3)
I want more for life I want to be able to provide for myself and help my family and not have to rely on them. I want my own success story my own testimony. This webinar is the answer of my first step to the goal. 
Mari Rose Lopez Registered nurse | Philippines
webinar testimonials (4)
If you plan to go to UK not just wish you want to go to UK...Attend this webinar! They gave me a genuine hope that I can come back UK. 
Mark Lester Panlilio Registered nurse | Philippines

I highly recommend to other healthcare provider and allied professional, the benefits and proper ways to have a job in UK. I think this webinar address all the concerns of the participants.


Cherry Cataquian Registered nurse | Philippines
webinar testimonials (5)

The webinar is an eye-opening for me. I learned a lot from this session.  With proper guidance of IANS I can work in UK even without healthcare experience. I feel I'm stepping closer to my dream now!


Joyce Catherine Batan Registered nurse | Philippines
The webinar brings you a clearer answer to those question marks you have. They will answer all the queries that you have and especially helps you to make your dream career possible.
Socrates Tiaga Jr. Registered nurse | Philippines
"I realised that if I didn’t believe and trust those who supported me just like IANS, I wouldn’t be able to get this opportunity."




Parity Muchimba Registered nurse | Zimbabwe
I really enjoy the webinar, it was what I hoping for and more. After the webinar, I would encourage people who has the same dreams like me to take action as time doesn't wait for anyone!
Vivian Yeboah-Awuah Registered nurse | Ghana
IANS is an agency that is genuinely interested in helping their clients and not just their money! 



Ranjit Singh Senior Carer | Philippines
IANS have a solution to every problem. I believe they are the answer to my prayers. Thank you for this informative session!
Joycechristopher Christopher Senior Carer | India
I would suggest all my friends and relatives who work within the health care sector to join IAN as after attending the webinar I have find out how helpful IAN could be for everyone who is interested to build their professional career internationally.




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