Jay Gerwin Morales

Nurse, UAE

As a registered nurse in the Phillipines, my dream was working in my field in the UK. But after countless failed attempts, I gave up and moved to the UAE to get a job with good pay to provide a better life for my family.

Years later, my wife showed me an ad on Facebook. It was an invitation from IANS to join their Face to Face event. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but my wife convinced me to.

After I attended, I felt like this is the place for me. I joined in initially to work as a carer.

I officially became a part of the IANS family on August 27th, excited to make my dream of working as a carer in the UK a reality.

From day one, I felt the incredible support of the IANS team, equipping me with the right tools to shine as a carer and excel in interviews.

Although my first IELTS test didn't go as planned, I didn't let that discourage me. I took a shot at it again, and thanks to IANS, I passed!

Not long after, I nailed my very first job interview in the UK and secured the job I was aiming for!

But as I shared more about myself with the IANS team, they discovered that I had nursing experience. They opened up the possibility of nursing in the UK, which offered double the salary and greater stability for my family.

IANS convinced me to change career and not take the first job as a carer, promising to land me a nursing position with an even better paycheck. And that's exactly what they did!

Now, I'm in the UK working a better job and providing a much better life for my wife and kid!

Jay Gerwin Morales Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I've wanted to work in the UK as a nurse but never knew where to start. 


My wife showed me an ad on Facebook inviting people to join their F2F event


IANS guided me to pursue nursing in the UK instead of a career in caring.


I'm now in the UK working as a nurse and providing a much better life to my family.



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