Jocelyn Santos

Senior Carer, UAE

“Life as an accountant in the UAE is great. It paid the bills, and it allowed me to send my son to a good school. But after years of working here, I kept thinking, ‘Is this all there is left for me? Is this what I want for the next 10 years?’

Temporarily being away from my son is bearable, but I knew it’s not a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the coming years, so I decided to find new opportunities that will allow me to reunite with my son and migrate as a family. My sister told me that the UK has opened its doors for healthcare professionals, but I had one major problem—work experience. I had zero medical background, so I thought it’s impossible for me to get a job there.

Luck came my way when my brother-in-law introduced me to IANS. I attended their face2face skilled worker event, and I was mind-blown by how comprehensive their program is. Even if I had no relevant experience, they welcomed me and gave me a clear pathway to the UK. What’s even better, I can process my son’s papers anytime! After what feels like a lifetime, I’d finally be able to get my son from the Philippines.

Two months after, I completed their program, and they scheduled me for my 1st sponsorship interview. I didn’t get the job, so I knew I had to work double to secure my sponsorship the next time around. IANS gave me extra support by allowing me to attend their interview preparation, and the unthinkable happened…

On the day of the interview preparation, a slot opened and IANS scheduled me for my 2nd sponsorship interview. My mentors at IANS were very kind. They encouraged and guided me from start to finish. On the same day, I got a sponsorship offer, and after 2 days, I signed the contract! 5 days later, I got my CoS! My UK visa was granted on 18 December 2022, and now, I’m already in the UK! It all happened so fast; it was magical!

With IANS, you can bury all your inhibitions. Instead of giving you reasons why you can’t come to the UK, they will show you how and why you can!”

Jocelyn Santos Dubai, United Arab Emirates



I work as an accountant in the UAE & I have no healthcare background.


My brother-in-law introduced me to IANS. I attended the SW event.


IANS gave me all the support I need from day 1. They’re the complete package.


IANS made me an eligible senior carer. In just a few months, I migrated to the UK.



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