Kristin Pajarillo

Senior Carer, UAE

“What took 1 ½ years and a couple of round-trip tickets to the Philippines for other agencies, IANS turned into just 5 months of seamless, hassle-free processing. My name is Kristin, and here is how IANS helped our blended family find a new opportunity. 

I and my partner have been fixing our papers to Canada. It took us 18 months to get our papers ready, but then, my partner found IANS and learned a better and faster career pathway for us in the UK--him as a UKRN and me as a midwife. My 9 years of work experience in a care home in the UAE helped me but what made my processing smooth is IANS’ trainings and guidance. They taught us about safeguarding and the other important regulations we need to follow so we can practise effectively in the UK.  

The best part is, IANS helped us plan our UK immigration as a family. They gave us valuable advice that allowed us to visualise our future in the UK, and I know with the pathway that they gave us, I can easily bring both my sons here. Just one month into the internship and I was already scheduled for a sponsorship interview—it’s amazing how fast the process went.  

Now, I’m already in the UK, preparing for my transition from being a carer to eventually getting a midwifery license. So to everyone out there who want to migrate to the UK, all I can say is go to IANS. All you have to do is follow what they say, and you will get a UK visa in no time!” 

Kristin Pajarillo Dubai, United Arab Emirates



I and my partner want to migrate to the UK but we can’t find a legitimate agency. 


My partner found IANS when he searched the internet. We attended the F2F event. 


IANS  gave me trainings and internship. They guided me until I got my visa.


I am already in the UK just 5 months after joining IANS' internship.

  • Kristin's Journey with IANS
    27/08/2022: Joined IANS’ Skilled Worker Webinar 
    22/10/2022: Scheduled for a sponsorship interview  
    24/10/2022: Passed the interview
    26/12/2022: VFS appointment
    02/01/2023: UK Visa granted
    25/01/2023: Arrived in the UK

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