Minenhle Ncube

Care Assistant, UAE

When my flight to Manchester, UK was booked that's when I realized that my dreams are really coming true. It did not dawn on me till that time that I was actually going to be in the UK in just 2 days. I was determined to leave Dubai but I did not expect that it will happen for me - that my dreams of working and making a life in the UK will come true. Especially, did not expect when I joined IANS.

I came to know about IANS through a friend, who owed me a favour. She was already on her way to the UK through IANS and to return the favour, she introduced me to IANS. At that time, I did not know how IANS will change my life in just the matter of months. At that time, I was not thinking about myself; I had a daughter to look after. Being a single mother, I had great responsibility on my shoulder and I knew the United Kingdom was the place for me if I could give her a worthy life, something I did not have.

When you come to IANS they don’t see who you are, or where you come from - they see what you could be. They did not value me by my current occupation, which was of a waiter and a hostess, they began preparing me, training me  And for me, I'm excited about this job because it's one of the few jobs whereby you can make a positive impact on other people's lives. I know how it's like to bring a smile to someone's face.

The biggest advantage of joining IANS is that they provide face to face training at their Dubai training centre. You can get away with not paying attention in online training but during face to face you have to be physically and emotionally be there. Apart from theory,  you will get an opportunity do practicals, which is more effective in training you as a carer in the UK. The training equips you on how the care is delivered in the UK. Everyone at IANS is dedicated and committed to preparing for your life as a carer in the UK.  You get to engage with the team, especially with Mr. Ian himself.  As the owner of the business he is involved in the training, preparing you to the UK. Because he is from the UK, he gives you the first-hand knowledge about the UK and regarding the health and social care industry and what we should expect. So we're really well equipped about everything, including the rules and regulations and how everything works and operates. Whatever questions that we have been asked, he answered them. By the time IANS introduced me to  our employer, whom, I knew I was well-prepared IANS. No wonder, I was successful. 
Everything happened so fast - all my documents was assessed by the IANS team, and their solicitors did visa application and booked our tickets to the UK. When I landed at the Manchester Airport, everything went smooth. My employer came to pick me up at the airport and took me to our accommodation, where I was warmly greeted with open arms. It was a beautiful and spacious accommodation. Honestly,  everything was above our expectations.  Even the weather, I expected the UK to be colder, but it's been warm. I am thankful to IANS to help me find loving employers and an amazing country. They made us feel really welcome and I feel it's an opportunity of a lifetime. IANS has been given me everything on a silver platter. So I feel now is my time to shine. Not even the sky is the limit. I wouldn't say the sky is the limit because I'll be limited. So I feel nothing can stop me now I can fulfil my dreams and do whatever I want to be in terms of my professional level. But most of all I want to make IANS proud. I want to prove to IANS that I am going to showcase my employers and the world how well I was prepared and trained by them.  It's just the beginning of all good things. Because of IANS my story is just starting

Minenhle Ncube Dubai, United Arab Emirates



I was a waitress in Dubai before. I wanted to come to the UK as a carer but no agency helped me due to my non-healthcare background.  


I was introduced to IANS by a friend who went to the UK via IANS, I started with online training and then took part in face to face training in Dubai. 


IANS gave me everything on a silver platter. With IANS by my side, I got all the services at one place - from training to recruitment! 


Even after being unsuccessful at one interview, IANS prepared me till I was successful. I am now in the UK all thanks to IANS.  


  • Minenhle's Interview

    29 December 2023

  • Minenhle's Visa

    03 February 2023

  • Minenhle's Departure

    from UAE to the UK

    17 February 2023



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