Paula Alica Villanueva

Registered Nurse, PHILIPPINES

A young professional with lots of potentials who wants to practice in the UK found it very hard to compete against seasoned nurses who always seem to get shortlisted first by recruitment agencies in Philippines. It appeared, she needed to get a bit older to gain more experience to level the playing field.

Paula remained positive and carried on searching on Facebook to see if there's help out there for her. She found IANS and was so encouraged to see stories of nurses with work gaps but still became successful. She then realised there's a better way of applying. IANS taught her that and she learned one important lesson: With the right provider, one's poor experience can be better!

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CHALLENGE Competition with fellow nurses in Philippines applying to work in the UK is tough. A lot have more experience & skills than Paula and so her attempts never progressed to even being shortlisted for a job interview.
INTRODUCTION But always positive and hopeful to get matched with the right opportunity one day, her efforts paid off when she read lots of success stories on IANS Facebook feeds and the only thing she needed to do was to reach out.
SOLUTION The first step IANS made was to explore and understand my career goals and needs and challenges. They then created an effective recruitment plan for me which involved coaching & many other things I thought I didn't need.
RESULT The results are impressive. Within 2 weeks I was offered a sponsorship, travelled to the UK shortly, undertook OSCE training, sat my exam and obtained my full NMC registration. Everything happened as planned.


  • 19 NOV 2019 | INTERVIEW

  • 18 FEB 2020 | COS ASSIGNED

  • 19 FEB 2020 | VISA SUBMITTED

  • 28 FEB 2020 | VISA GRANTED

  • 2 AUG 2020 | ENTERED THE UK

  • 30 OCT 2020 | OBTAINED NMC PIN


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