Rosemarie Duldulao

Senior Carer, UAE

“A decade of living here in the UAE and I realised one thing—I cannot get the equality and stability I’m looking for here. I’ve always wanted to migrate to a different country, but my work and educational background made it almost impossible. “Where can a high school graduate with an administrative work background go? Is Dubai the only option for me?” I often wondered.  

The agencies that kept on asking money without giving me any service made me even more doubtful that I can get out of the UAE. I don’t want to pay and get nothing in return!

Then, my best friend introduced me to IANS and said they’re an agency that can help me get the required experience to get a sponsorship in the UK. True enough, I got all these in just a few months.  

I felt like IANS isn’t about the money and that joining them is an investment. Other agencies don’t have the kind of program they offer. They explained how I can become eligible, and they helped me get the skills and knowledge I need. Despite my educational background, IANS helped me achieve my UK dreams through their trainings and internship. I learned so much from them, and now, I already have my UK visa. I’m overwhelmed!” 


Rosemarie Duldulao Dubai, United Arab Emirates



I'm a high school graduate with no healthcare background. Other agencies only asked for money.


My best friend introduced me to IANS and told me that they can help me become eligible to work in the UK.


IANS is a one-stop shop that provided me trainings and internship. They guided me until I got my visa.


Only after a few months, I already got a sponsorship offer and a UK visa. Everything happened so fast!

  • Rosemarie's Journey with IANS
    29/07/2022: Joined IANS’ Skilled Worker Webinar 
    08/08/2022: Joined IANS' SW Program 
    12/01/2023: Scheduled for a sponsorship interview 
    17/01/2023: Received a job offer 
    10/02/2023: Defined CoS assigned 
    01/03/2023: UK Visa granted

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