Sameera Wanigatunga

Senior Carer, Sri Lanka


14 years working as a medical officer in Sri Lanka, I could have never imagined I’d make it to UK, and it was an unforgettable experience. The economic situation in Sri Lanka was deteriorating at such a fast pace, and I was increasingly concerned for the future of my children. I and my husband worked hard to make ends meet, but our future still looked bleak until, out of nowhere, a friend asked, “Have you heard of IANS? 

That was the start of my UK journey. I first heard about IANS last July 2021 and attended the webinar the same month. I knew then and there that IANS was genuine. I had so many questions about migrating to the UK, but all of these were answered when I attended the webinar. I also saw the successful stories of other candidates, and this inspired confidence in me. I took a deep breath and leapt forward and haven’t looked back since then

Even non-healthcare workers can get a clear pathway to the UK through IANS. They are the most wonderful people I’ve met. They are kind, attentive and generous. In under 5 months, I and my family received our visa. Imagine the joy I felt when I received all 5 visas! I’ve worked in healthcare for so long, yet it wasn't until I became a senior carer that I felt that I was making a meaningful impact in my life.   

Now, here I am with my entire family in the UK, living the dream. I keep pinching myself sometimes, asking if this is for real. It is! IANS is real, and they will make your dreams come true!” 

Sameera Wanigatunga Sri Lanka



I want to create a better future for my family, but I don't know where to start. I don't know any UK agencies that can process our application. 


A friend introduced me to IANS, so I immediately checked their company profile. I then attended IANS' Senior Carer Webinar.


IANS gave me all-in-one solutions that allowed me to immediately process my UK application. They helped me become an eligible skilled worker.


In just under 5 months my entire life was transformed. I arrived in the UK as a qualified senior carer with my entire family.





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