Virginia Abba

Senior Carer, UAE

“When I was a little girl, I remember telling my dad, ‘One day, I’ll go to London!’ What turned out as a simple dream is now becoming a reality for me and my family, thanks to IANS. My name is Virginia, and this is a story of how God answered all my prayers.  

I migrated to the UAE as a carer three years ago with the hope of eventually moving to the UK. I went to an agency but when I asked them about their recent successes in helping people migrate, they showed me nothing, and that’s when I walked away. There are so many scams here in the UAE, and I don’t want to lose a penny from fake agencies.  

Then, I saw IANS on FB, but I didn’t approach them right away. One day, one of their candidates started internship in our clinic, and that’s when I learned more about IANS and what they do. I was encouraged to attend their F2F Event, and when I went there, I was impressed by the testimonials of their successful candidates. I saw how they work, so I got the confidence to sign up for their program.  

Because of IANS, I learned a lot about the care industry. They taught me to follow the standards of the UK healthcare system, and their training gave me the courage I need for my sponsorship interview. The best part: they showed me how I could advance in my career and prepared me to take a bigger step towards my UK dreams. Now, I already have a UK sponsor and my visa is already getting processed! I am so happy and excited for the next chapter of my life, and I look forward to the day I can bring mu family to the UK!” 


Virginia Abba Dubai, United Arab Emirates



I want to migrate to the UK but I don't know any agency that can help me.


I saw IANS on FB, but I only approached them when I met one of their interns.


IANS trained me and allowed me to create a career pathway in the UK.



It just took IANS one month to help me get a sponsor. My visa is already getting processed.

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