P Chouhan Jun 16, 2021 10:20:53 PM 8 min read

Do these Five Things to get UK Skilled Worker Visa


There are over 34,000 Employers registered with the Home Office as sponsors.

Still, every year, only a few thousands are lucky enough to get a chance to work in the UK.

If as a foreign worker you have still not found a job in the UK. You are one of the unlucky ones

Don't worry though. You are at the right place. Read this blog.

Because your luck is about to change!


In today's blog, I am going to tell you 5 key steps that helped hundreds of international job-seekers find a job in the UK.

1. Start going to the right places to search jobs

Are you a regular visitor to all the famous job sites? Do you have accounts there and have applied for hundreds of jobs? You are reading this so I can assume you still don't have a job. These job sites are of no use for an international job-seeker like you. I am going to tell you the bitter truth - these Famous job-sites don't care about you. They are built for people who don't require sponsorship.

There is 1 out of a thousand chances that you will find a sponsored job from these famous job-sites. Even with changes in the immigration system and introduction of Skilled Worker Visa, these famous job-sites don't understand visa rules. This is why they don't make things easy for you.

IANS is dedicated to international recruitment. We have hundreds of success stories that you can read on our website. IANS is the right place for you.

2. You need to be clear about your goals

If your goal is just to come to the UK, then you need to rectify your thinking. You need to identify which sectors you need to target in the UK. You need to be aware of the job market in the UK, find out who hires international job-seekers and then approach them in the right way.

Now, I know this can be a daunting task. It is very difficult to find all this information on online community forums and websites. Most of the time, you are not aware of the people behind the username. Coming to the UK and finding a job is a major life decision. So, I suggest going beyond the websites and the online world of communities and forums.

IANS run dedicated webinars that tell you all about different sectors that you can target for jobs. In the IANS Skilled Worker Visa webinar you will meet real Recruitment Experts.  IANS Recruitment Experts will guide you to find a UK approved sponsor in line with your career goals and plans..

3. You need to acknowledge and rectify your mistakes

International job-seekers are often unaware of the right steps that they need to take to apply for jobs in the UK. This is why even if you get a job interview they fail to clear the interview stage. Many times they do not receive job offers. This can be very frustrating.

This is why I recommend you attend IANS Skilled Worker Webinar. This is the only webinar that will tell you about the 20 common mistakes you should avoid when taking your first steps to work in the UK. In the webinar, IANS Recruitment Experts will also present and break the top 10 sponsorship myths you might have been told by recruitment agents, families and friends.

4. You need to understand UK visas and all the immigration legal issues

This is one of the most important steps that a lot of international job-seekers take for granted. Finding jobs and getting interviews is a hard task - especially if you are an international job-seeker. So after all the hardships even if you get the offer letter, you need to make sure that you correctly apply for a Skilled worker visa. 

Any mistake on the application, can cost your UK dream! This is why at IANS, we have designed a webinar that will provide  complete support from training to legal advice. When you attend IANS Skilled Worker Webinar, IANS Recruitment Experts will provide you step-by-step guidance to meet all the requirements and get connected with sponsors in the UK.


5.  You need a realistic roadmap of your journey to the UK


Congratulations! You have reached the last step. This means you are now ready to know what it takes to work in the UK. Now, you have to take the last step and join IANS Skilled Worker Webinar. In the webinar, IANS Recruitment Experts will provide you  a clear roadmap to getting skilled worker visa sponsorship within 3-6 month.

Follow the last key step. Attend IANS Skilled Worker Webinar.  IANS Recruitment Experts will help you as they have helped hundreds of international job-seekers find a job in the UK.

P Chouhan

Parakh heads marketing and content production at IANS. Parakh has had years 13 of experience creating and producing content for Disney, Fox, Turner, Baker Hughes, and many other