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International Recruitment: Huge Rewards over Risks


There is a school of thought in this country that perpetuate a mistaken belief that somehow international recruitment is a tedious and arduous process if you are a care provider and is not worth pursuing. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you will find below from two of our guests, Sukhvinder, our very own Immigration Solicitor & Tanya our Recruitment Consultant & Skilled Worker Specialist who will break down the specifics of how workers from abroad can help your business grow and meet care demand with speed and efficiency, while retaining workers and grow exponentially!


Sukhwinder Singh Nara sheds light on true costs of sponsor license 

Sukhvinder Nara-2

Immigration Solicitor

1. What are the things a care provider needs to do to get a license? Should I care?    

The thought of getting a license discourages providers, we on the other hand encourage it! Why? Because it is not a complex process. You can see how IANS has made it simple, and how to get it, it's not a tedious process. If you don't understand the UK Home Office rules and regulation about the international recruitment process, it is advisable to seek legal help. Why? When applying you must go through rules and regulations and meet requirements you might misinterpret. By taking a solicitor’s help, they can advise you, the employer, to submit specific documents, meet certain conditions. When we apply for you, 4 documents are mandatory, it is not difficult to produce these documents. 

2. How fast is it? The Home Office says it can take up to 8 weeks?

The standard time is 8 weeks. However, priority service can be applied at the home office, which is open after 9am to take priority applications. You will receive a payment link for 500 pounds. A decision is given in 10 working days. Note - priority application requests can only be made after 9am, only 10 priority applications are accepted per day. If your priority application is rejected, we will appeal immediately on your behalf. The standard 8 weeks will continue, and we will continue to appeal with legal representation. 

3. Is it expensive to recruit international workers? Are there surcharges for their period of stay? 

This is not expensive, it is an investment, not a cost. Looking at the costs, it costs 536 pounds for a sponsor license, user skills employment charge, immigration skill charge for example. These all might seem costly at first, but if you compare the growth in your business in the long run, you will work full at full capacity. You will take on more tenders, contracts and will generate more revenue with those workers. The cost incurred is not much, it's a good investment and good return in comparison to fixed deposits or any mutual funds, shares investment etc. Investing in international recruitment is the best investment where the return rate is quite high. E.g., Let's say an Assisted living company hired 20 carers and each carer did 45 hours per week, that’s a total package amounting to 900 at the rate of 30 pounds per hour. So, the company will have a turnover close to £1 and a half million pounds now. This is not an arbitrary number, many of our homecare providers have turned their companies around because of the carers we provided.  There is not much risk in hiring international workers, but huge rewards. They will stay with you for a long time. They have plans to settle after 5yrs in the UK with their families. So, we believe they will stay for the long haul. 

4. Is it cumbersome? I hear there is Red tape and bureaucracy involved?

There is some bureaucracy in the process, yes absolutely, but here you should know how to fight them head on, how to counter them. Here at IANS we know how to counter them. This is what we do, best! It's our bread and butter. This is how we are different! 

5. What do you say to those care providers about International Recruitment who think they need a Lawyer and those who don't? 

If they can understand the rules deeply and are confident and can comply, they can go ahead and apply. But we recommend taking legal advice. You're making an investment and need to comply with a lot of things. Only the lawyer can advise you, it is advisable especially for international recruitment. Many lose their license and workers from overseas due to not meeting obligations. To avoid that, a lawyer onboard will help retain workers and allow you to continue to grow 


Tanyatorn Autchayawat provides us an insight in her daily work as an International recruitment specialist


Recruitment Consultant & Skilled Worker Specialist

1. Why is international recruitment important if you're a care provider?

There is a dramatic shortage of care workers. Brexit, a growing elderly population, not enough people to meet care, there is a knock-on effect, and the only option is to recruit overseas. Why? Because there is a shortage. As a sponsor you can keep a carer from a minimum 3 to 5 yrs., there is consistency and there is retention of carers which is worth it! As it provides a reassuring policy to your investment.  

2. How much money can they save?

Depends, mostly providers must fill in the gaps by working themselves at times. They have no time for anything else. No time for getting more care packages, getting more sales for the business. Means money lost with lots of money spent unsuccessfully to plug in the gaps.

3. Do we have readily available carers? Are they qualified, Eligible and Certified to meet this explosive demand in care in UK?  

We do have over 1000 candidates, the majority experienced, eligible, and qualified. Home Office qualified too. They have completed their IELTS test, TB test. They can support UK Care on short notice. There is no need for additional money to train your workforce. You save additional money on all that.  

4.How much time will a care provider save if they recruit internationally?

The recruitment process is really fast, we will bring here within 6 to 8 weeks a carer of your choice to begin care work immediately. Everything from getting a license to recruitment, from the visa application to the travel arrangements. We will have them at your doorstep. Simple. All taken care of. 

5.How does international recruitment make you stay afloat and allow you to take on more care demand?

Demand is currently outstripping supply, when providers take packages, they can’t meet the care because of not enough workers available in their pool. It's an opportunity missed. With International recruitment, all of you get more care packages and more money.  


Much cold water has been poured on the notion put forward regarding international recruitment. On the contrary, the benefits are enormous, it the only solution currently viable to meet our immediate surge in care demand. Things have been made more simpler thanks to IANS unique experience in meeting targets for care providers. We’ve turned numerous ailing care providers around. Begin international recuitment now, begin with IANS. 

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