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4 reasons why homecare providers should get sponsor license


Caregiving is an occupation that makes a huge difference in local community. As a Homecare provider you know the value. Still, as you know that very well – the crisis in care sector has catapulted in the last two years. While you may have been personally facing the brunt of this crisis, your peers are in the same boat.

According to the UK Government’s own figures, over 40,000 social care staff has left their jobs in the last six months. Even in the quarters of Westminster, the waves of upcoming care tsunami could be felt. While they might blame it only on the ‘unprecedented challenges prompted by the pandemic’, they did all of us a humongous favour brought forth changes in the UK immigration laws.

Here's the good news that the UK government bestowed on the homecare providers like you

“…from 15 February 2022, the job title ‘care assistant’ (job code HC1019) will be added to the shortage occupation list…”

In very simple terms, this is the UK government telling you that there are no carers in the UK – you can’t hire them through job fairs or job portals. Those who are there are also fast leaving. The UK government is giving homecare providers a solution, a way out. You should definitely take advantage and take the first step by getting a sponsor license.

I am going to help you take the next steps by demonstrating to you why you should get a sponsor licence and begin hiring carers from outside the UK

 Reason 1 - Fill your recruitment gap
Whether you are looking after a community in Wales or in the heart of London, one of the common pain points, I hear from all homecare providers is how they have care packages from the local authorities but they can’t service them because they don’t have carers. Irene Mtisi, the Care Service Director of Medcom Personnel felt the same too. Medcom had a sponsor license, but they did not know how to utilise it. Only in 2020, when they across, IANS, they were able to fill their recruitment gap fast – Medcom hired 15 senior carers in just 4 months and acquired new packages worth £786,240.

“The moment I spoke to IANS – it was fantastic, I tell you. It was in the middle of the pandemic, and they came as a team on Zoom, which meant they were serious. They demonstrated how we can effectively utilise our sponsor license. ”


Reason 2, Increase your Retention rate
When you get a sponsor licence, you will be able to build an empire of carers, who will be dedicated to expand your business. One of the big advantages of hiring skilled workers from abroad is to retain them for more than 3 years. With the migrant skilled workers devoted to your business, you can forget about the costs you had to shed on hiring and training the new staff. Once you hire the carers from outside the UK, you can put the money in your marketing budget to expand your business.

Reason 3 Focus on growth .

Congratulation! By getting a sponsor license, you have done an excellent job. You have solved two of the biggest headaches that any homecare provider faces – you have filled your recruitment gap and you have increased your retention rate. Now, that you will be hiring eligible and employable carers from outside the UK for at least 3 years, you will be able to focus on increasing your care capacity. You will have more time to find new contracts across the four nations and accept more care packages.
Reason 4 - Build a diverse workforce

one of the great reasons of getting sponsor license is to hire more than eligible amazing carers from around the world. Our carers not only have to demonstrate their English proficiency by giving the English test, they also are trained at the highest level. These carers carry with them great wisdom and learning attitude that help them easily assimilate in the UK culture.  We have been constantly told by homecare providers clients, how the migrant carers have become a favourite among their service users and have praised by the local authorities. They will form a strong workforce that will make you a stronger company.


At IANS we know the values migrant carers bring to the business. We run a domiciliary business in Hampshire that is generating us revenue of £108,000. We were solely able to accept care package because we can rely on dedicated carers to begin serving our communities.

As we have tested our process and have proven results to demonstrate, we wholeheartedly recommend the benefits of having a sponsor license to you.

In very simple steps, we can tell you how you can get the sponsor license in 4-6 weeks and if you already have a sponsor license, we can get you carers within 60 minutes.

To know, how click here to book a call with my team of recruitment specialists. We will address your query right away.