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From Japan teaching English to UK returning to nursing practice

It was Father's day weekend and I spent my time playing with my 3 boys on the beach. The deal was this - no work for their dad and no game devise for them. It was cloudy, a bit cold, and windy but definitely, a family time well spent. We had an inexpensive time together.

Then I remember I will be speaking at 3 events this week. One of them is with registered nurses this Thursday.

At the webinar, I am giving international nurses this deal - No BS but simply a unique strategy focusing to show our attendees what it takes to overcome nursing employment gaps and how to become a UK registered nurse without a sponsor.

Is this even possible, you ask? The answer is: YES. I've done it many times.

That's what Socrates, Princess Jo, Cristopher, and many other international nurses found out after attending my webinar.

What they had in common is what the majority of you have. Employment gaps!

But what sets them apart is simply having the courage to invest in themselves by finding out how I have helped others like them.

Switching recruitment agencies or submitting countless applications to different employers will not work. You've got to do something different.

You can find this at my webinar. It will be jam-packed with ideas, strategies, and success stories to stir you in the right direction and action.

Imagine the incredible opportunity that awaits you by following a proven fast timeline to nursing skilled worker sponsorship in the UK through my help?
Christopher Lim_1

Two months to the UK is an incredible journey, especially if you were teaching English in Japan in the last 6 years rather than practicing as a nurse, like Cristopher here.

Then I came across IANS Ad on Facebook.  

The moment I saw that IANS helped someone else, who had a work gap like me, I found hope in my situation.  

I knew IANS was the place for me. I am glad I was right. 

IANS understood my situation (my huge work gap) and provided me the right solutions.

IANS visa processing was smooth and efficient.

IANS was quick to connect  me connect with employers.

It's all possible with IANS! It all starts at my webinar. You can read his full story here of you got spare.

If you are an international nurse and struggling to get sponsorship because of your big employment gaps or simply because you are not the strongest applicant, join me this Thursday, 24 June 2021 at 1 PM UK time, and turn the tide in your favour.

Jump here now to join my webinar.