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What is IANS' Skilled Worker International Recruitment Open Day?


Bright lights, fancy cameras, heart-pumping action... The IANS’ Skilled Worker Recruitment Open Day is a bridge that connected 16 UK sponsors to over 1,000 eligible healthcare workers! 

On 27 May 2022, IANS launched its first-ever virtual recruitment open day, where sponsors and healthcare workers met, interviewed, and sealed a sponsorship deal in just one platform. But what is a virtual recruitment day and how does it work? Let’s take a closer look! 

What is a Virtual Recruitment Open Day?  

Just like good old job fairs, a virtual recruitment open day sets a stage where employers and applicants can connect and talk about employment opportunities, but instead of gathering into one physical space, everything is done remotely (and strategically).  

From showcasing businesses to interviewing candidates, going virtual is a convenient and efficient way to tap a wide pool of applicants. It shuts down the need to use company resources involved in setting up a physical booth, thereby minimising company spend while focusing on what’s important—getting results.  

What Makes IANS’ Open Day Unique 

What is IANS’ Skilled Worker International Recruitment Open Day and how is it any different from all other online job fairs?  

1. Our open day is targeted to a specific demographic. This means if you’re in the healthcare business, you won’t be meeting just any applicant. You’ll be finding the ones who have been specifically trained for the role and who have the right experience.  

2. Our recruitment team has created a time-saving approach that allows sponsors to shorten the screening process. Our weeks of meticulous planning and applicant pre-screening before our first open day meant that our 16 UK sponsors are meeting potential employees who are not only in the same field, but who are:  

  • Eligible and ready to work in the UK 
  • Meet their job description and person specification  
  • Fully trained and experienced  

 3. Our open day serves as a channel where UK employers can get free solicitor and recruitment advice through online booths that were curated to raise awareness about getting a sponsor license and how to find skilled workers who match all their business needs. Not sure if international recruitment can help grow your business? Our custom booths give you a clear roadmap so you can decide if it’s the route you want to take!  

4. Speed-meeting eligible candidates via video recordings meant more employment opportunities for care providers who need to strengthen their workforce. Aside from entering the booths, UK employers can stay in the lobby, where they can watch 1-minute clips of eligible skilled workers who are there to showcase their experience and skills. Think of it as a one-sided speed dating, where you get to choose among a pool of candidates based on their clips.   

An Open Day Sneak Peak 

Did you know that when IANS first started back in 2010, it wasn’t a recruitment company? Opening the day with greetings and a virtual tour, our keynote speaker talked about IANS’ amazing journey. Let’s look back at our history:  

Back in our early years, IANS focused mainly on providing immigration services. But four years into the business, our team saw a big gap in the recruitment process – the time it took for nurses to come and work in the UK, which could take up to 18 months! From there, IANS paved the road to international recruitment, where we handle all your training, recruitment, and immigration needs.  

What used to be an 18-month process was cut into an impressive 6 weeks – a successful feat, some would say, but this was just the beginning. 

It was never an easy journey. But it is through our team’s hard work and determination that we managed to help 1000s of people in achieving their goals. In 2021 alone, 822 of our skilled workers came to the UK under a sponsorship, and 22 new businesses were granted a sponsor license. Now, we are flipping new pages as we welcome new carers and sponsors to international recruitment.  

After our keynote speech, our UK sponsors took on the centre stage, where they talked about their care business and what they’re looking for in an applicant. These short interviews sparked hope and excitement in the room as candidates learned more about our care providers and their business needs.  

Following these interviews are the speed-meet videos that played on the lobby while UK sponsors are ushered into separate rooms that allowed them to privately interview pre-screened candidates. Other UK employers who have not signed up for recruitment had two choices: join specialised booths for recruitment and immigration needs or stay in the lobby to check eligible candidates on the speed-meet screen.  

The Real Magic Behind IANS’ Open Day 

With over 1,000 eligible skilled workers in attendance, our open day created a massive opportunity for businesses and international applicants. Some of our UK sponsors filled 20 vacancies on-the-day, significantly cutting hire times and company spend.  

But if you ask us the real magic behind IANS’ recruitment open day, it’s not just the colourful visuals or the amazing keynote speeches. It’s the passion that drives IANS’ team to connect people and drive life-changing results. It’s the passion that kept our team moving forward to give you what you came to see... 

Opportunity, progress, and business growth.